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Associate Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy (Distance Learning)

$990.00 - $3960.00 plus GST

The Distance Learning Aromatherapy Diploma Course consists of four modules designed for students like you, who prefer to study at home.

Your learning is based around the course notes supplied, background reading of aromatherapy texts, which you receive with the course, and observation and performance of massage techniques shown on DVD.

Personal sets of essential oils and carriers are available with each module, building into a full practitioner set, (depending on your country of residence where imports are not practical).

The course costs are based on the written elements of the course and not the products which are included where possible, free of charge.

You will complete each module and the required assessments successfully before proceeding to the next module under the guidance of a personal tutor, enabling you to produce a high standard of work. You will need a qualification in anatomy and physiology before the Diploma can be awarded to you. The Anatomy and Physiology Certificate Course can also be studied by distance learning.

Upon successful completion of the Distance Learning Aromatherapy Course you will be awarded the Penny Price Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy. This can be posted or presented to you personally, at a special graduation ceremony.

You are advised to take between 12 and 36 months to complete all modules, although you are not penalised for taking longer. While studying, you may apply for insurance supplied by the Academy block scheme as a student practitioner.

We offer personal tutor support, via
email and telephone (Canada 403 872 7662) so that you are able to receive help and encouragement at any time during the learning process.

The Distance Learning Aromatherapy Course is very flexible and it is possible for you to combine distance learning with in-house modules to comply with some accrediting body’s requirements or simply to vary the learning environments.

The Distance Learning Aromatherapy Course is assessed by:

  • 2 ½ hour written examination in-house
  • 2 ½ hour practical assessment in-house
  • 150 hours of case studies
  • Continuous assessment by essay and assignment

Did you know that your Aromatherapy Distance Learning Diploma includes:

  • GST is not included in the cost, Included is ALL marking, correspondence with tutors and issue of certificate – and of course, your fully comprehensive notes!
  • Each module come complete with recommended text books included free of charge
  • Essential oils, carrier oils, base products and salon sundries covered in each module are available
  • A complete set of 3 DVD’s demonstrating the practical massage needed to fulfill an Aromatherapy treatment (the DVD is not available with theory only)
  • You get 5% discount if you book and pay for all our 5 Aromatherapy modules together
  • We have the best professional tutors for all our accredited courses who will fully support you during your course and beyond