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Welcome to our personal and confidential online service, we recommend both clinical and therapeutic graded essential oils and carriers to enhance your well being on all levels to create a balanced and healthy mind body and spirit.

In Modern life, Aromatherapy can be beneficial to promote calmness during tense and stressful situations, protect against viruses and provide a boost when you need to be alert, increase attention and memory and help maintain focus and energy levels through a long work day or when battling lack of sleep or jet lag. This wonderful therapy can relieve discomfort and pain for many conditions. Best of all, there is no high and low associated with common quick fixes such as caffeine, alcohol, sugar or drug consumption.

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We may advise you on other therapies we feel you may benefit from.

After you have submitted your form a qualified aroma therapist will review your information. They will select your oils, then we will email you details of the essential oils and carrier oils we recommend and how to use them. You can choose either to purchase these oils from us, as we only use reputable suppliers. Or you can take this information and look for good quality and pure essential oils that have been GLC (gas liquid chromatography) tested. However we cannot guarantee results or side effects when using essential oils and carriers from different companies that we are unfamiliar with.

Our online Service is currently $65.00 CND plus gst and does not include products such as oils.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to serve you.

An online consultation does not replace an actual visit to a professional aroma therapist. We offer this service, as we feel any guidance and information we can offer is better than none.

We will review your information and select essential oils that will support your needs. Essential oils can be used in many ways to enhance your well being on all levels to create balance and harmony, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Each and every Consultation is customized to your personal background and needs. Each essential oil we choose for you to use will be chosen on the information we receive from you. Truthfulness is always the best policy, the more truthful you are on the questions we ask the quicker you will see and feel the results.

Online Aromatherapy Consultations